It’s unique tumbling operation is the key to the high performance of the MT-4. You can tumble polish almost any kind of stone, from opal to topaz, delicate carvings and preforms, as well as metal items such as coins, jewelry findings, shell casings, etc.
The vibratory motion is achieved without anymoving parts. It improves the polishing process and uses only a small amount of abrasives compared to ordinary tumblers. Load capacity is approximately four poundsincluding stone, fillers and abrasives. You control the rotation and intensity of the tumbler operation with solid state electronic controls.Hoppers give exceptionally long wear. The housing is made of durable ABS plastic and the hoppers are cast plastisol. With no motor,belts or pulleys to worry about, you have a tumbler built for years of worry free service.



The MT-4 Mini-Sonic Tumbler operates without shafts belts, pulleys, eccentric weight or even a motor—no moving parts, so the MT-4 will far outlast other types of tumblers. It operates on a unique principle employing interrupted electrical current that provides vibration as the driving force powering the rotation of the load. Operating frequency is in excess of 3,500 vibrations per minute.

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