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YOU CAN CUT, shape and polish gemstones with speed and ease if you have the right tool for your particular job. Just as a hammer and saw are the basic tools of a carpenter, so are the grinding/polishing machine and rock saw the basic tools of the lapidary. After those, you can add specialty tools to your heart's content, depending on what you want to do.
Start with the best you can afford, especially with your saw and grinding unit. As any wise buyer knows, price alone is not a guide to a good buy it's what you get for what you pay.
You get real value for your money when you own one of our Gem Makers. We've designed them to give you lasting service, unusual convenience, and best of all, top performance to put real pleasure into your lapidary hobby or profession.

OUR GEM-MAKERS ARE TOP PERFORMERS because of our diamond grinding and polishing wheels, the way they are made, and their special grit combination. They work fast and efficiently, giving you a beautiful polish on most stones in a matter of minutes.

PROCEDURE IS SIMPLE. Grind your cabochon to shape on the 80 grit Galaxy metal-bond diamond grinding wheel, then proceed to the 220 grit Galaxy wheel to remove all deep scratches. Coarse sanding is done on the 280 grit Nova resin-bond diamond wheel. Spend enough time on this wheel to completely remove all scratches left by the grinding wheels, then proceed to the three Nova wheels on the right for final sanding and polishing. For those stones needing another step, we include a pad and diamond compound.

WE MAKE IT SOUND EASY, AND IT IS, EVEN FOR BEGINNERS. Your first stone may take half an hour or longer, depending on size, material and your own skill, but with practice, you can do a 30 x 40mm agate cab from pre-form to finished stone in ten minutes on a Genie (old pros do it in less). Our machines have this capability because of the diamond wheels and the way they are built. More about our Gem Makers