Our "Boxer" attachment lets you make perfectly fitted mitered corners for gemstone boxes, or other projects requiring a mitered joint


THE GENIE GIVES TOP PERFORMANCE. First and foremost, The Genie will do your grinding and polishing jobs in the fastest and most efficient manner available. And do it in style. Its unique combination of special diamond wheels all mounted together lets you proceed directly from one step to the next without any delay or a lot of bother. Turn out a 30 x 40 agate cab from preform to finished gem in a matter of minutes.

NOT ONLY DOES IT MAKE SHORT WORK of grinding and polishing gemstones, but with a few accessories added, it becomes a trim saw, jeweler's buffer, flat lap machine, and a way to easily miter perfect corners for gemstone boxes. Put a Genie in your workshop and you'll work wonders!

GENIE IS VERSATILE. You get more than just a G & P machine. The attachments and accessories described below let you perform a variety of functions.

• Trim saw attachment with 8" blade lets you convert your Genie to a trim saw in a matter of minutes. Now you can even take a trim saw along when you travel.

• Regular flat laps and discs attach to the left end of the motor shaft, letting you grind and polish flats.

• Now you can polish flats on the Lapcraft "No Hole" discs. They screw into the right hand wheel adaptor of the Genie, giving you a 6" diameter lap with no bothersome center hole.

• Our new magnetic Nova Discs make quick work of polishing flats. Standard Nova Discs, leather and canvas pads and other accessories with a 1/4"-20 thread bolt fit the Genie.

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Jeweler's Buff Kit attaches to the right hand side of the Genie. Comes with buffs and rouge for polishing jewelry and other metal parts